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Envisage Infotech Consultants have developed Global Expertise in developing and implementing Case Management Systems for Justice and Public Safety organizations, streamlining the flow of information within Criminal and Civil Courts, Police Investigations, Evidence Handling, Attestation Processing and associated tasks.Envisage Infotech has also effectively implemented Siebel in Multilingual environments within the Middle East.

Envisage Infotech is a leading provider of e-Government software and services. Our firm is focused 100% on serving the local government market and is the only e-Government firm to offer mature systems that address and full-fill most of the needs of any government systems.

While addressing multiple service areas, our commitment and exclusive focus on the public sector are responsible for our repeated success! Envisage Infotech focuses on developing and implementing e-Government software that incorporates industry standards and best practices.

Each of our solutions is grounded in the knowledge and experience of Envisage Infotech. Our implementation consultants have a clear understanding of the processes and longterm business goals of municipalities. Your agency will benefit from the commitment and understanding of a seasoned and committed professional with a dedicated team to deliver a showcase solution.
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