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The health care industry is highly competitive and heavily regulated. Healthcare providers, surgical equipment and product manufacturers perennially seek to improve quality. Healthcare industry’s primary concern is to achieve prompt patient care services with lower TCO (Total Cost of Operations) and higher ROI (Returns on Investments). The legacy of healthcare systems is featured by isolated solutions. The need is to evolve collaborative efforts, and integration of diverse healthcare processes.

Envisage Infotech professionals know the health care industry and are well versed in the complexities and unique regulatory considerations surrounding vast amounts of sensitive data. We specialize in developing solutions for claims management, order management and group policy management. Additionally, our solutions have enabled Member & Claims Customer Service, Claims Processing, Grievance, and Appeals processes.

Operational Systems coupled with Analytics Dashboards enable our clients to efficiently utilize the vast amounts of data that the Healthcare Industry generates and transform that data into actionable information.

Envisage Infotech also provides support to client by proactively identifying and fixing the problems before they become big problems

Envisage Infotech Key Accelerators :

Envisage Infotech expertise in Siebel CRM Solutions for Healthcare is hallmarked by our use of key accelerators, particularly for Healthcare selling processes, namely Quoteto- Card. Our skill and experience in utilizing Siebel to support the Quote-to-Install (Quote Life Cycle) process is unparalleled, in addition to the following processes:
■ Account & Content Management
■ Territory Management
■ Campaign Management
■ Lead & Opportunity Management
■ Customer Profile Management
■ Assignments & Changes
■ Policy Platform
■ Enrollment
■ Eligibility Rules
■ Renewal Notification
■ Product Administration
■ Audits/Underwriting
■ Reporting
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